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The first electric fabric cutting machine was born-The Eastman.
1888-Eastman introduces revolutionary electric cutting machine
Over a century ago,a Canadian inventor named George Eashman developed the first fractional electric motor that could be mounted on a machine.The motor was attached to a reciprocating knife mechaism and the first electric fabric-cutting machine was born--The Eastman revolutionized the apparel industry with a tool that ended tedious manual cutting-room labor.After countless patents and improvements from the first cutter builtin 1888,Eastman's current product line includes over 100 machines that are sold worldwide and are the standard by which all cutting machines are judged.

Eastman Cutting machines displayed at a tradeshow,1902
1980-Eaxtman expands internationally
Today,Eastman serves diverse world-wide industries from its headquarters in Buffalo,NY,its sales office in Hong Kong,its factory in Ningbo,China and its 50 worldwide dealers,Eastman is one of only a few manufaturing companies that can lay claim to thriving through three centuries,an accomplishment credited to upholding a tradition of delivering durable machinery,superior service and expertise.From the originalBlue Streak straight knife cutting machine,to recent state-of-the-art Automated Cutting Systems,Eastman offers the world's widest range of cutting application solutions.
1995-Automation brings new industry exposure
At Eastman,engineered excellence isn't just our goal...it's our inspiration...